How to send your Cloud Nine in a safe and cost effective way.

We strongly recommend that you send any items to us using a recorded delivery service whether it be via Royal Mail (the most popular option) or using a tracked parcel courier. We cannot be responsible for lost items that are sent unrecorded.

There is no need to send your Cloud 9’s in their original packaging. If you do it may take you over the dimensions of Royal Mail’s small packet rate into the ever expensive dimensions of their parcel rate. This will keep your postage costs to a minimum.

To package them we recommend a quality padded envelope / jiffy bag of adequate size and ideally taped at the opening for added security.

When placing the straighteners into the padded envelope it is best to ensure the plates are together. If the straighteners are in the open position there is an added risk of them being damaged in the post.

We wouldn’t normally recommend that you wrap the power lead around them on a regular basis but, for the purposes of shipping them to us, this is a quick and easy way of ensuring the plates stay together. The cable also acts as a second protection method for the plastic arms. The mains plug can then be slid down the side of the straighteners inside the envelope.

If your Cloud 9’s are already broken in half or damaged when you send them please ensure that all the pieces are enclosed.

We are an independent company and are not associated with CLOUD NINE in any way.