The Cause of a Cloud Nine Crackling Noise

Cloud Nine Crackling Noise coming from inside? This is the sound of a faulty electrical connection inside or even a component burning out. STOP USING THEM STRAIGHT AWAY.

The most common Cloud nine crackling noise comes from a component inside which is linked to the switch. If you continue to turn them on whilst this is happening you may cause irreparable damage to the circuit board inside. If this is the case the noise will appear to be coming from the inside of the unit and a strange smell of electrical burning may be noticeable.

Less common is a pair of Cloud Nines making a Crackling noise from the cable or heater. This would normally be accompanied by a beeping warning of some sort. Again this is the sound of electricity trying to make a connection and we would always recommend to stop using the product as soon as possible. We replace any parts such as heaters and cables that have a connection problem.

We can resolve your Cloud nine crackling noise fault in no time at all by using our Cloud nine repairs service. This will involve us checking all components and replacing with new parts.


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